Spocket Review - Is It the Best Dropshipping Platform in 2021?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Intro to Spocket review

If you have been thinking of having an online business, you might come across the idea of dropshipping. After all, it is a famous order fulfillment method that everyone might’ve heard about in the past.

If you haven’t, let me tell you shortly. Dropshipping means making sales without having stocks at all. Meaning, you just deal with the sale, and the rest is out of your hands.

In this article, we will tell you about Spocket, one of the most famous dropshipping sites out there.

We will tell you about what exactly it is, how does it work, what are the prices and products available.

Lastly, we will make a brief analysis of the chances of success of this site and dropshipping in general.

What is Spocket?

As said before, Spocket is a dropshipping platform that you can use to start gaining money online. The main logic behind it is that you take a profit margin between what you pay the supplier and what your customer pays.

It works with thousands of suppliers from the US and EU with quick and reliable shipping. It also offers special discounts, unique products, and the best dropshipping product categories.

Besides, you can have samples and branded invoices (with your logo on them!). So that you can grow your brand, making sure you’re selling great products.

Additionally, it counts with integration for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix. And for Aliexpress as well without charge.

All its features make using this service for your business easy and fast.

How to start with Spocket

You can start with Spocket here

How to use Spocket?

Your first step is to create an account by inserting your name and email. Optionally you can choose the type of product you want to sell. Then immediately, you will have the site ready to navigate for 30 minutes. If you want to order or integrate it into your business, you must select a plan first.

On the page, you’ll see the recommended categories and others, together with available products. There you can filter options based on location supplier, type of product, etc. Additionally, for those in the US, you can select shipping time in the filter as well.

Once you find a product that you like based on the photos, you click on it and will see several data. Besides, more info about the product, there will be two prices. One that you have to pay Spocket (‘price’) and the ‘retail price’ (recommended price for sale). You will also see, who the supplier is, where does it come from, and how much the shipping will cost and take to arrive.

On the same page, there is the processing time as well, which is the time that the business takes to give you the tracking number once he/she receives the order.

At the bottom of it, you will see information about the refund policy. This is normally 30 days after receiving the product, but since it may depend on the supplier, check it out individually.

Spocket Pricing

Before talking about the plans, let me tell you about the free trails. There are two, one that lasts 30 minutes, starts as soon as you create an account, and doesn’t let you make orders. And then there is the 14-day free trial for every plan available.

There are five plans available as of Jan 2021:

How many Spocket products are there?

Thousands! Counting them seems like an impossible task! But let’s focus on nine of the most popular categories, premium products, and best sellers.

There are nine main categories, with a handful of sub-categories at least, and hundreds of options.

Among the current best-sellers are women’s jewelry, men’s T-shirts, watches, dresses, and bikinis.

Among the premium ones (higher discount and faster shipping for the US) are jewelry, footwear, and dresses.

Of course, there are more categories, but we are showing them to give you the best idea possible of what to expect so that you can decide what might be the best approach for your business.

Can I have success with Spocket?

Before answering that, the first question should be, can I make a profit from dropshipping?

The short answer is yes, but it is not that easy either. You enter a market of low margins and tough competition. Meaning, you need significant traffic and resources to make the most out of it. What we mean by resources is basically the capacity to lower your profit margins to compete better.

This is important because the system is prone to race-to-the-bottom dynamics. Your competition will undercut prices to gain conversions, and if you cannot keep up, you will get outcompete.

However, this is mostly a problem if you’re using drop shipping as your main supplying method and your branding is rather small. You can maximize Spocket and any other dropshipping platform by using it as a tool, like as a backup or part of market research. Add a solid audience that comes for your brand equally as for the product, and you got a goldmine under your feet.

Then the other consideration is to make sure you’re using trustworthy suppliers. Do not focus only on the product. Go through their complaint process if possible. You want to make sure communication and professionalism are there.

Now, having considered these possible disadvantages and taken the decision to start dropshipping. You might be thinking, “but is Spocket a good provider?”

Again, yes. Spocket stands out for its considerably better features, integrations, and competitive prices. It is quite difficult to find more competitive providers out there.

For all these reasons, we can say that, indeed, you can become successful by using Spocket, especially if you pay attention to some of the notions of this segment.

Thanks for reading. We hope now you understand better what is dropshipping and know more about Spocket.

How to start with Spocket

You can start with Spocket here

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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