Why 360 Cameras Is One of the Best Niches in 2021 for E-Commerce

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Oh, 360 cameras, remember how surprising it was to see a virtual tour when they came out? Seriously, if you missed the hype and initial furor, don’t worry. We got great news for you. Since then, the market has only gotten better and better, and now it is an excellent niche for e-commerce.

“But how exactly does a camera become a great niche and help businesses”? First, they are not traditional cameras, there is way more to them, and the explanation will follow. We will tell you why that is, how exactly they work, why they are important, the prices, and more in this article.

We will make a strong case for them based on how much our lives have changed thanks to technology, which will not change anytime soon. Let’s begin…

How does a 360 camera work?

Let’s start with the basics. In a nutshell, these cameras provide 360 views thanks to their ultra-wide lenses. There usually are two lenses that capture two different frames, and they get united in circular view, which means that you get an interactive view of everything around the device.

But this is not the only significant feature that they have, and a great deal is a software they use. Simply put, if you got a camera with better software, you could do more than only giving a 360 view to your customer. Think of a special bi-dimensional video that uses 360 degrees to guide them precisely as you want as an example.

Add these cameras to conventional types and drones, and you got a perfect toolset. 


We have virtual lives now

  While it is obvious that since early 2020 most people have realized that it is not a new phenomenon by now, with every critical technological advancement, we have seen our virtual lives growing. Online messaging, facetime, forums, and groups are becoming our main centers of communication. Plus, the offer and demand for home-office have been growing each year.

All this shows that we are spending more time at home than before, and thus 360 cameras get more critical.

Remember, they are not only pretty but useful because you can make virtual tours with them.

We will talk more about it below, but first, let’s talk about prices.

How much is a 360 camera?

Like any other market, there are disparities between prices. We will focus on the best offers, so it’s easier for you and us here.

Their price range is from $250 to over $600 for simple models. Those close to the $600 mark are rather focused on professionals. So, something below $500 sounds very reasonable for most of the interested public.

Note that there seem to be three main categories of products based on prices and features:

Some cost more based on the quality of products used or available software. Others are due to extra features, like waterproof materials or 3D-2D mutual support.

360 Cameras usage examples

  Apart from creative-oriented activities, these cameras are handy due to virtual tours. Let’s look at some of the most used businesses so that you get a picture of how you can use them.

For the real estate sector, you get virtual tours of all types of properties, notably houses. The same applies to restaurants or retail shops.

It is remarkable how comprehensive the tours can be. Your customer can look at every corner and cm of the place if they desire. Make sure to use the right decoration, and you will catch all eyes without a doubt.

Customers like virtual tours since they save them time comparing available options. By extension, it benefits you because those that will visit a place will be more interested in buying. Furthermore, you can save money by saving the cost of those physical tours that never end up in a sale.

As you can tell, 360 cameras count as an investment and present a win-win situation for everyone.

The Market for 360 cameras has small competition.

The differences in prices do not reflect the size of the competition much. We can name a few companies that are always on top when it comes to the best 360 camera option out there. GoPro, Ricoh, Insta360, Vuze, Garmin, and Kandao. Just a handful!

Consider that GoPro and Insta360 have several options available among the top 10.

Note that big names like Kodak or Samsung though present, can have trouble. Perhaps, these smaller companies are getting it right because they focus a lot on this sector. Regardless, these smaller companies are as reliable as the big ones by now.

This article is not focused on talking in detail about the offers. But we can suggest checking Gopro Max and Human eyes Vuze XR. They are two of the best and most competitive products near the $400 mark. If you are looking for something less expensive, compare GoPro and Insta360 offers.

World’s tech transformation

We’ve been continuously mentioning that the world is changing because it matters. We see changes in our workplace, our relationship with t world, and contact with relatives. The virtual world is expanding by the minute, and this brings business opportunities.  If taken advantage of, they promise immense gains. Let’s look at examples.

For example, the relationships between co-workers can improve if we use technological tools. There are a lot of team-building activities that one could do without much problem. Please do not underestimate the importance of them. They increase trust and reduce stress. Meaning, the workforce is happier and performs better, another win-win situation.

You will most likely have the same results with those co-workers who opt for home office since it will help them control their schedule better and save time not having to commute. Take the few examples voiced in this article, add the crucial virtual tours, and get a strong case.

So, we cannot avoid following our tradition to give you a strong verdict, so here it comes:   “Are 360 cameras worth it?” If you have a business that can set up virtual tours, please do yourself a favor and consider them. Keep in mind that going virtual has never been this important, and it will only increase as time passes.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope the information and arguments in this piece have been of great use to you.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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